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Shambhava YogaTeacher Training

We believe that yoga teacher training should be a life-changing experience. One of the first yoga schools in America, Shambhava Yogahas always emphasized that becoming a great teacher means becoming a great student. You don’t just learn how to teach yoga here, you learn how to deepen your practice and grow. Shambhava Yoga’s 200-hour, 500-hour and specialty certifications are registered with the Yoga Alliance.


For those seeking an immersion experience, residential trainings are available in convenient seven to 21-day retreats at the Shoshoni and Konalani ashrams. To fit your life at home, Shambhava Yoga centers and ashrams around the country offer trainings in an extended format. Connect with Shambhava Yoga and find the right training for you!

200 Hour Shambhava YogaCertification

The first half of the 200-hour training builds the foundation. The curriculum includes the basics of safe and effective asana practice, anatomy, teaching methodology, and an in-depth study of 45 fundamental asanas. The second half of the training digs deeper and includes training in hands-on assists, verbal cueing, and more. Meditation, ethics, philosophy, and teaching styles are topics explored throughout the training. Through meditation, you learn to reach deeper inside and teach from a place of clarity and depth. When the training ends, you will have the tools you need to bring the practice into your life, and to help others do the same.

2018-2019, 200-hour Teacher Training

Training schedule and location will be structured to meet the scheduling needs of the training group.  Beginning in September, 2018.

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Please visit to read an overview of the Yoga Alliance registered curriculum.